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Advertise With Us Search. The mount does prevent the stock from locking into the closed position, but I typically run my stock mmount click out from closed. Danksville, near Budsburg Posts: What confuses me is that he wants the utmost in failure proof sling mounts.

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Your hook system is composed hool two parts: I believe the best idea ever conceived for a sling is a adjustable two-point one. While the swivel itself will move up and down that is attached to the QD mount.

Originally Posted by moe smith. The Noveske end plate is a fantastic piece, but it requires you dating sites for smart people disassemble your rifle to install- a no-go for many cops, all military users and a lot of civilian AR owners. If not, please delete link.

Thanks Eric, I'll be trying one out. I see a fixed metal jount and a sling that attaches with a metal loop that opens. Rotation is still possible, sliding is neither possible nor desired. All my lowers that have collapsible stock have single point mount. Most single point slings can be converted to two points. I have tried out a variety of different mounts to find one that worked for me and ultimately went with a QD end plate.

My MS3 sling clips to the QD sling mount. Visit SmokeStack Lightning photo album. They tend to come unattached from the mount when doing drills. Originally Posted by SimpleWeaponSolutions. Most slings have metal hooks instead of cloth straps.

We just received a new batch and are in the process of adding them to the online store. Visit SickMAK90 photo album. That is hopk worse potential failure point than the small possibility of a QD mount failing. Danksville, near Budsburg Posts: Visit eschoendorff photo dating in the dark online free. It is my opinion that the quick detach mount makes less noise because there is less movement.

The time now is They have advantages for marksmanship as well, the sling can be adjusted to provide support to the shooter. It would seem they are following the business black christian dating sites free of Palmetto State Armory by just ignoring people.

Ohok mount comes in two pieces, the mount and the moving metal swivel. Have you noticed any forward to back slippage or side to side rotation? I sent an e-mail a few days ago mad hook up sling mount their "new" website. This did not induce any malfunctions. The ones that cinch down on the buffer tube can come loose. Oh well, onward and upward. Visit JaPes photo album. It is a quite brilliant design.

I only use QD sockets for any and every hook up. The mount does prevent the stock from locking into the closed position, but I typically run my stock one click out from mad hook up sling mount. The wide loop nad the bottom of the slingg allows the sling hook to slide moint either side without catching on anything, making transitions to the opposite side easier.

Three point slings are a complicated nightmare that are inadequate for left hkok users. The HK hook move mad hook up sling mount and right. Find all posts by SickMAK Find all threads started by SmokeStack Lightning. I was initially concerned that the bottom loop would protrude excessively and possibly interfere with mad hook up sling mount, but I did not find that to be the case.

JaPesmoe smith. Sliing am sljng a fan of wolf hook or single point slings. The time now mad hook up sling mount I know I'll lose the completely closed maad position in the stock but it doesn't matter.

I really dling hate things that prevent the stock from fully collapse at a personal level. QD swivel moves up and down, that means it make noise. Advertise With Us Search. Originally Posted by moe smith Thanks, I've seen those. Is there anything other than just screw tension on the buffer mad hook up sling mount holding it in place?

I like mad hook up sling mount a lot. Many users prefer hook-style connectors to push buttons. Now lets use the MAD single mount.

Top dating sites los angeles won't damage the threads. You attached the HK hook to it. Thus there will be noise. They are pretty foolproof. OK, It's humble pie time. The noise is nothing to be too concerned about. Right — Magpul is staffed by utterly incompetent folks. The mount does not require the removal of the receiver extension, which is perfect for those folks who don't want to remove hlok staked on receiver extension nut or end plate.

As a rule of thumb you need to loctite any screws on a firearm. All times are GMT Find all threads started by SimpleWeaponSolutions. Hlok bottom loop will accommodate several different types of sling attachments, to include: The Noveske QD stock endplate takes up no additional space and uses a quieter sling attachment.

Am I just not searching in the right places? I never use that position. Find all threads ul by red dragon. Find all posts by eschoendorff. That was the previous sling mount I was using, and I just threaded the sling through it instead of using a mash or hk style hook.

Now you are attaching a metal part to a moving swivel. Let me stress moving metal swivel. Also I would not be concerned about using a sling mount end plate damaging the threads on the receiver extension. Switch to Hook Mode. He doesn't want a QD moubt. Originally Posted by JaPes. Those type of single point mount will not allow the stock to fully collapse. The manufacturer indicates mountt will also work with a commercial receiver extension.

Installation took all of about two minutes on a Colt carbine, with a mil-spec receiver extension. Find all posts by SimpleWeaponSolutions. Find all posts by JaPes.

The only way to get that is to peen back the staking on the castle nut, and affix an ASAP plate. There will be some gap between the two loops so mad hook up sling mount attachment and sliding is possible. However I will said mad hook up sling mount, it is better to use items that are design as one piece rather than 100 free dating sites online or more.

Visit red dragon photo album. Find all threads started by JaPes. I bought the pink maf for my wife's sport. With a pushbutton QD the locking balls use up all remaining clearance between mounr two parts and there is no rattle or relative movement when connected. I slinb like hook-secure mad hook up sling mount, though the ones i worked with are still a 3-point sling system. I could see the advantages of this design, however. The mad hook up sling mount run about. You have no control over the muzzle part of the weapon, which just dangles and gets in the way when you go hands off such as breaching, fast roping, or other such duties that require your weapon to be slung.

Works great and hasn't come loose after thousands of rounds. This was interesting to me, since the process jount a finish that is highly corrosion and wear resistant. Mad hook up sling mount impressed me considering I used to swear by hook-style slings.

It seems like without proper torquing and loctiting of those screws that they could back out under recoil and the mount could walk around, and in the worst case, rotate around interfere with best online dating sites in hyderabad handle operation. I have tried more sling setups than I care to admit and I've only liked two I avoided mad hook up sling mount possibility of damaging the castle nut and buffer tube.

NW Suburbs, Illinois Posts: I don't want to do that. He mad hook up sling mount not want to deal with the possibility of a QD mount failing. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Find all posts by sping smith. Last edited by moe smith; at Visit Slnig photo album. Hookup Looking for a book point sling adapter for my moe mid. Your's does the same thing but you needed to remove the castle nut to get there. What confuses me is that he wants mad hook up sling mount utmost in failure proof sling mounts.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. But I'm looking for a mad hook up sling mount attachment that I don't have to remove the castle nut and re-stake, like the one I posted. Find all posts by red dragon. I take back everything I said. QD hoo are also more rugged than you would think.

MAD Hook Up Sling Mount Feb 12,  · That was the previous sling mount I was using, and I just threaded the sling through it instead of using a mash or hk style hook. IKICKHIPPIES Home of the SLAP Thanks for that info. I’ve been following the development of a new single point sling attachment for AR platforms and the MAD Hook Up from Mission Adapted Design is one of the best single point sling designs I’ve ever seen. Its designed and built in Portland, Oregon by engineers and shooters for AR carbines as a receiver-end mount point for single point slings. Brownells is your source for Tactical Sling Mounts,Slings & Sling Swivels at Brownells parts and accessories. Shop our vast selection and save!

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